West Plains Wolves’ Adopt a Wolf Cub Program Making an Impact Off the Field

Published: Sep. 29, 2022 at 8:20 PM CDT
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CANYON, Texas (KFDA) - The Adopt a Wolf Cub program gives kids from West Plains’ feeder schools an opportunity to pair up with Wolves football players, cheerleaders and trainers.

For a small fee - the “little wolves” get to hang out with their “big wolves” at meet and greet events, football games, and even lunchtimes.

West Plains Head Coach Adam Cummings says the program has meant a lot to the wolves and the cubs.

“Once we got the ball rolling, it was amazing how much interest we had in it from both kids and parents,’” Coach Cummings said. “To say that it’s made an impact is an understatement.”

It’s no small responsibility for high schoolers when children are looking up to you.

Junior Dawson Hall has five wolf cubs and he knows the importance of being a leader.

“During the games, they’re yelling my name,’” Hall said. “They use me as a role model. It keeps me straight lined and makes sure I’m doing the right things, because those little kids look up to me.”

The cubs don’t only get a new mentor, they also get a t-shirt and whatever goodies their big wolf wants to give them.

Junior Duke Blaser has two cubs who were lucky enough to get some exclusive memorabilia.

“I got them a bunch of stuff and I actually made them a playing card of myself, which was kind of weird for me, but I think they liked it, so that was pretty cool,” Blaser said. “I remember when I was in elementary school and I always looked up to the varsity football players. I was like ‘man, I want to be just like them.’ So being a good example to them, I think, is the best thing we can do for this program.”

It may only be their first season, but the West Plains Wolves are spreading school spirit in creative ways, thanks to their booster club.

With a pack of cubs cheering them on toward a two-game winning streak, the team is planting their roots on and off the field.