Pumpkin farms struggle with inflation and drought this season

VIDEO:Pumpkin farms struggle with inflation and drought this season
Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 5:35 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Fertilizer, seeds, and labor have all rose in price drastically this year causing some farmers in the area to raise prices of produce, and for fall festivities.

“My fertilizer prices basically tripled from last year, electricity well natural gas has gone up, probably doubled most all the inputs at least doubled,” said Tim Gee, co-owner of Gee Family Farms.

The Gee Family Farm however has managed to only raise the price of its sweet corn by only a dollar.

“This year we did have to up it $1 and it was hard for us to do, but everybody was real positive. Because of the fertilizer and everything else that it went up and so we finally after this year we we had to do that,” said Michele Gee, co-owner of Gee Family Farm.

Overall, fall festivities this year will remain the same cost, including the maze, pumpkins, and entrance fee.

“We didn’t raise our prices on admission into our pumpkin farm, everything is the same. We didn’t raise the prices of the pumpkins. Its just going to be better this year,” said Michele Gee.

The farm has combated inflation this year by installing a new drip system, which helps reduce labor costs, as well as working together as a family.

“The pumpkins are awesome. They’re a little later because the drip installation took us extra time, so I didn’t get them in as quickly as I wanted to, but there’s gonna be plenty of pumpkins. The corn is probably taller than I’ve had in years for the maze,” said Tim Gee.