New clear bag policy in effect for the Amarillo Tri-State Fair

VIDEO - New clear bag policy in effect for the Amarillo Tri-State Fair
Published: Sep. 16, 2022 at 6:14 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 16, 2022 at 6:17 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - This is the first year officials are enforcing a new “clear bag policy” for the Amarillo Tri-State Fair.

“Make sure before you leave the house that you’ve located your clear bag,” says Brady Ragland, CEO, Amarillo Tri-State Exposition. “You don’t want to get all the way up to the gate and have to take all your items back to the car.”

The fair says safety is it’s number one concern.

“Obviously this isn’t a be all end all to safety,” says Ragland. “It’s just one feature of many features to keep folks safe while they’re here.”

The policy was put in place to stop people from bringing in weapons and unsafe objects.

“A clear bag just makes it easier for the gate people that are working the gates to see if anybody’s bringing in contraband, weapons or anything like that,” says Sgt. Wallace Jones, internal affairs, Potter County Sheriffs Office.

The main reason for the clear bag policy is to keep fair goers safe and the fair secure.

“If you bring your backpack and there’s not any reason for you to have that backpack, they’re going to make you take it back to your car,” says Jones. “They’re not going to let you in.”

With the exception of diaper bags and medical bags, fair goers won’t be allowed inside with a backpack or purse that is not clear. If you don’t have a clear bag there are some other options.

“You don’t have to come out here with a bunch of stuff,” says Jones. “Put your money in your front pocket, put your ID card, your debit card or credit card in your pockets and just come out with pockets only. That’s an easy way to do it.”

The trend of the clear bag policy stretches across Amarillo, Sod Poodle baseball games, graduations, West Texas A&M University and local high school football games.

“Any time large groups are gathering, it’s become the norm to have clear bag policy,” says Ragland. “We just felt like it’s time for the fair to take that step.”

The Tri-State Fair runs from Sep. 16 to Sep. 25 with the clear bag policy in effect.