Countdown to Kickoff: West Plains Wolves

Published: Aug. 22, 2022 at 10:56 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - We enter our final week of Countdown to Kickoff coverage with the first game set to kick off on Thursday. Next up, a newcomer to the Texas high school football scene. A newcomer to the Texas high school scene in general. The West Plains Wolves.

The Wolves join the Canyon Eagles and the Randall Raiders in Canyon Independent School District. All three schools will be class 4A for this upcoming season. West Plains will play in a different district than their two neighboring programs but will play against Canyon in the upcoming season. Head coach Adam Cummings takes the helm after four seasons at Sundown and a decade as an assistant at Canyon. Now, he’s ready to embark on the new challenge of building the new program from the ground up.

“I think overall we just want to establish the Wolfpack way.” Cummins said, “We talk about that all the time and what our standard is and part of that is laying that foundation and those expectations that we want to meet each and every day. It does sound cliche but for us it’s really truthful because there is no foundation. We’re building it and as long as we’re doing that and we’re making improvements and making strides and just trying to get one percent better each day I think we’ll look back at the end of this season and be pleased with where we’re at.”

Junior defensive end and fullback Dawson Hall is one of the players who came over from the Randall Raiders as part of West Plains being established as a new program. Hall highlighted how the group is working on building team chemistry and leaving old loyalties in the past.

“At first it was pretty hard for me because I’ve been a Raider since third grade. But the coaches did a really good job of adapting us to it. I’m a wolf now.”

One of the perks of the program being so new is the freshly build facilities the players are able to enjoy. Usually a junior would know his the gym and weight room like the back of his hand by his third year, but switching schools has taken some getting used to for Hall.

“New facility, it’s nice. Get lost around it a few times because I’m not used to it, but it’s great. Getting first day into it, it was super eye opening.”

The Wolves will play the first official game in school history this Friday at home against Bolivar.