‘Just showing that we appreciate them’: Beta Sigma Phi honors first responders in sweetest way

Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 1:55 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 5, 2022 at 6:58 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Today the ladies of Beta Sigma Phi honored Amarillo’s first responders in the sweetest way they could, with baskets filled with sweet treats.

Every 6 months they bring treat baskets to over 20 locations in the Amarillo area filled with baked good, snacks, and more.

Amarillo Police Department, Amarillo Fire Department, the Department of Public Safety, Potter and Randall County Sheriffs Offices, Amarillo Medical Services and Randall fire stations received baskets filled with the goodies throughout the day.

They do this to show the areas first responders how much they mean to the area and give appreciation.

Jason Mays, Amarillo Fire Departments Fire Chief, says this gratitude is more than appreciated.

“Little things like this are the above and beyond from our community. You can’t deny when someone’s handing you sweets and taking that time to say thank it just something we never get tired of hiring and its something we never take for granted,” said Jason Mays.

President of Beta Sigma Phi says showing appreciation is needed.

“Just showing that we appreciate them. Somebody is recognizing that what they are doing for us day in and day out. We just need that in the community to let these guys know that they’re risking their lives to keep us safe and we appreciate that as a community,” said Brenda Martin

The day wasn’t only for the community to show appreciation for first responders but as well as each other.

“It gives us the opportunity to not only say thanks to each other but thanks to our crews, and it shows appreciation all the way down to our crews that the citizens and people of Amarillo appreciate what we do each day,” said Operations Manager for Amarillo Medical Services, Justin Boyd.

This brought Beta Sigma Phi, first responders, and the community together as a way to bond closer.

“Coming together, seeing everyone in the room together, having organizations like this show appreciation, us having collaboration, its just a testament to the city of Amarillo that people appreciate what we do, they take time to show appreciation, and it gets us all in the same room,” said Justin Boyd.

The members of Beta Sigma Phi spent the day delivering the goodies to all the stations in the area.

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