GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shows how an old skill can be used for a good cause

Published: Jul. 1, 2022 at 11:12 AM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - During the next few weeks - you will be able to do more than check out books at the downtown library.

You are invited to participate in an activity described in one of those books.

Because of the book “Dangerous Women” by Hope Adams, anyone interested can either jump in and quilt or learn how to.

“It’s a fabulous book, about convict woman, just under a hundred of them they were put on a rickety old wooden ship from the U.K. back in 1841 and they are literally shipped, it was Van Diemen’s Land, but it’s Tasmania, as they were sailing across the world they were given quilt supplies and they made an enormous quilt,” said a quilter.

“The book inspired us because of the making of the quilt while aboard the ship the theme of this years reading program, the summer reading club at the Amarillo Public Library is Oceans of Possibility,” said Cynthia Hunt, adult program specialist at the Amarillo Public Library.

The quilt made in 1841 is the inspiration for our community quilt project to bring people together to share their love of the craft and in the process to preserve a dying art form.

“We decided we wanted to do a community quilt and to get as many people from as many backgrounds, genders, everything else to get involved in doing this,” said Cynthia.

“I love all the process of quilting, picking out the pattern, buying the fabric, putting the peaces together and then the hand quilting. It’s just very relaxing. It calms me down,” said a quilter of the program.

The quilt of many hands project has now involved more than 80 quilters but absolutely anyone can participate even first time beginners.

“You have a practice quilt that people can work on to build up their skills, we will show them how. They can work over there and learn how to hand quilt and then graduate to the big quilt. There will be times we would do this for several weeks,” said Cynthia.

Anyone interested in working on the quilt can simply visit the Downtown Library during business hours.

“So we would love to invite anybody. If they have never done this and would love to learn how, this is a wonderful opportunity,” said Cynthia.

The finished quilt will be used to raise funds for the Amarillo Friends of the Library.

“This November once it’s finished we’re going to put it in a silent auction at the Library’s Annual Books Broadway Gala,” said Cynthia.

Preserving a historic art and providing an opportunity for people to learn new skills and ultimately for a good cause.

That’s some good news!

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