Another Chance House adding more housing square footage to accommodate more veterans

Another Chance House adding more housing square footage to accommodate more veterans .
Published: Jun. 29, 2022 at 4:44 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Another Chance House is growing by adding one thousand square feet to it’s veteran home to house more men.

The new addition will open up beds in some of their other homes as well as help shorten the wait-list for veterans, and men in the homes they have.

“It’s going to open some beds in our other property where we can hopefully lessen our wait-list to bring more men into our program hopefully on a faster bases. Normally we run on a 10 to 12 week waiting list so adding the bed is going to help tremendously,” said Steve Smart.

The additions will include bedrooms, two offices, one for a case manger, a double bathroom, and new heating and air to help make living for the veterans more comfortable.

“14 men will be able to live on this property. Also we’ll be able to enclose the staircase that is behind me that will protect from the weather and just put in a little more safety and security for the men that live here,” said Steve Smart, executive director of Another Chance House.

Another Chance House is excited for the renovations for many reasons, mainly for the comfort it will bring to the veterans living in the home.

“The heating and air for all the men they all will have their own thermostat in their room and that a pretty big deal especially with our heat and the cold here. Hopefully that will be a big comfort for the men and gives them the opportunity to not worry about some of the trivial things and really work on the things they are here for,” said Steve Smart.

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