Jayden “Bubba J” Breece to compete again in Vegas 8-Ball Jr Nationals

Published: May. 29, 2022 at 7:20 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - At the ripe early age of sic the love for pool was born for Jayden “Bubba J” Breece, the young competitor says it was an instant love for the game as soon as he picked up a pool stick

“I mean, right when I picked up a pools tick, I felt that I wanted to get better at the game.”

At 14 years old Jayden has 14 career wins one for each year, he says he owes a lot of that to his Dad who taught him to play and admits their games area near split head to head.

“Practice with my Dad every day after school and we just play games and just play to get better, we’re pretty even, but he’s the one that taught me.”

At age 13 Jayden went to Las Vegas for competition and admits he was nervous but said he overcame that fear with a little strategy.

“It was nerve racking right when I walked in because there was like 30 pool tables and a bunch of people sitting around so I normally wear my hat but in Vegas, they don’t want me so I just have to pretend they’re not there.”

Jayden has once again qualified for the 8-Ball JR Nationals, where he will be one of 64 kids in competition in Las Vegas and will have a fundraising event with food and of course some good competition to help make it all happen.

“June 18, we’re gonna have a little get together at Filmore’s we’re gonna have food plates silent auctions, raffles, stuff like that and also a tournament.”

A young competitor proving no matter your age, no matter the goal.. aim for it and you just might make it.

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