Tx Panhandle school district allows staff to conceal carry in case of emergency

Published: May. 25, 2022 at 4:30 PM CDT
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CLAUDE, Texas (KFDA) - One Texas Panhandle school district is gaining a lot of attention for a sign that was previously posted outside the school stating that staff “is armed and may use whatever force necessary to protect our students.”

West Texas school district allows concealed carry on campus (Source: KFDA)
West Texas school district allows concealed carry on campus (Source: KFDA)(KFDA)

The picture of the sign circulating social media is from several year ago when Claude ISD decided to implement a program allowing staff members to carry concealed weapons on campus.

The large sign was used as a warning to anyone coming on campus with ill intentions.

That sign has since been removed, however, the program is still in place. There are still signs on the doors of the school as well.

“We don’t necessarily want that to be something that would welcome us as a target, but the program is still in place. Employee volunteers can go through training, and through training and authorization of the board, they are allowed to conceal and carry weapons onto campus in case an emergency situation arises,” said Greg Brown, Claude ISD Superintendent.

Those staff members who choose to carry must be qualified and authorized by the board and then train through the Armstrong County Sheriff’s Office.

Some are saying they wish every school had a policy in place like Claude ISD, whereas others are not sure if it would help.

“Are we to the point where we need teachers to have guns is that the solution? We really need to find out what’s making these kids do these things,” said Mickey Provost, from San Angelo.

Brown says being a small school, this policy is what works for them.

“Being a small school we don’t have the resources available for us to have a police department or an SOR or a school resource officer everyday, this allows people on campus that have some training, so they’re available to defend our children if our emergency comes up,” said Brown.

The district will continue to think through its current situations and take the extra steps making sure children are protected.

NewsChannel10 also reached out to other districts about any extra steps they will be taking.

Today, Canyon ISD released a statement, saying the district currently employs six full time officers.

Amarillo ISD also provided a statement on the Uvalde tragedy and district security measures, saying the district has layers of security in place at each school at all times.

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