Tx Panhandle Centers launches new mobile wellness clinic for mental health patients in Panhandle

VIDEO-Tx Panhandle Centers launches new mobile wellness clinic for mental health patients in Panhandle
Published: May. 13, 2022 at 4:08 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Texas Panhandle Centers debuted it’s new mobile wellness clinic today, show casing how they will be bringing accessible mental health care to those in rural areas of the Panhandle.

The mobile clinic is brand new, trailer attached to a truck that will make the rounds in area’s that otherwise would go without treatment.

The goal of the Panhandle Center is to put mental health care in the same light as physical health care.

“We want mental health to be looked at in the same vain as physical health. Mental health is health,” said Sara Northrup, program administrator at Texas Panhandle Centers. “We want people to look at it the same way, it should be the same as people going to the doctor to get help with a cold or the flu. Treatment is treatment. We want t make it available to everyone.”

The centers also want to help provide services to those who do not have it accessible to them.

“It’s going to be traveling all over the Texas Panhandle to over 21 counties. We can bring access to mental health care to everyone especially rural communities where people have difficulty accessing those services,” said Sara Northrup.

The centers say that people in rural areas lack proper facilities to all health care services, and worry they may not seek treatment due to have to drive long distances to Amarillo for them.

“We really worry about the folks out in our rural communities,” said Sara Northrup. “They have difficulty accessing not only physical health care but also mental health care and so we want to take those services to people rather than sit here in Amarillo and wait for them to come to us.”

To find more information on the services, click here.

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