New in Amarillo: If you need a morning pick-me-up, check out three new coffee shops in Amarillo

Scooter’s Coffee, Dutch Bros Coffee and a new Starbucks location
If you’re feeling thirsty and need a pick-me-up in the morning, check these three new coffee shops here in Amarillo.
Published: Mar. 21, 2022 at 8:15 AM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - If you’re a coffee drinker, you may be interested in today’s New in Amarillo.

If you’re feeling thirsty and need a pick-me-up in the morning, check out these three new coffee shops here in Amarillo.

Dutch Bros

The new Dutch Bros is on Hillside and Coulter at 5411 Coulter St S, Amarillo, TX 79119.

“We really try to focus in on the relationships with each individual person that comes through,” said Codie Parret, original operator at Dutch Bros in Amarillo. “We really try to get more giving back to the community and getting involved, it’s not just like rolling through, getting a cup of coffee, but it’s really more of a relationship that you’re starting with us.”

The franchise chain started in Oregon and originally only sold coffee, but now they’ve expanded and are selling lemonades, sodas, frosts, smoothies and more.

A unique feature the coffee shop is proud about is the customizable drinks that can be tailored for each customer.

At Dutch Bros, it’s all about the experience, whether you’re just walking up to the window or waiting in the drive thru, you’ll always be greeted by a friendly face.

Dutch Bros announced to us they are opening another new location coming soon at 2209 South Coulter on the other side of I-40.

Scooter’s Coffee

A brand-new coffee shop is coming to town towards the end of this month. Scooter’s Coffee is opening at 34th and Western on March 28th.

“When you come through our drive thru, you’re going to have amazing people greet you, amazing people smile at you at the window, give you amazing drinks and we’re going to do it amazingly fast,”said Spencer Walker, a franchise owner of Scooter’s coffee in Amarillo. “It is a drive thru only, and because of that, we want to be extremely fast. We want you to get on your way, get on with your day, so you can do what you need to be doing.”

The Omaha, Nebraska based franchise offers personalized and seasonal drinks, as well as breakfast all day.

Something unique about the coffee shop is they can make any candy bar flavored coffee you like.

“Right now, I am making a candy bar latte. One thing that’s great about Scooters is we can do any candy bar that you like,” said Tatiana Grahm with Scooter’s Coffee in Amarillo. “When you come see us, just ask about our candy bars and we’ll get you fixed up.”

Turtle is a candy flavored fan favorite, but they also offer smoothies and energy drinks if you’re not into coffee.

“Also, we can do any alternative milk that you would like,” said Katie Gabel, Scooter’s Coffee in Amarillo.

Borger, Texas opened a Scooter’s Coffee a couple of weeks ago, and the franchise plans to open another location in Amarillo soon.


Next, if you’re in northwest Amarillo, A Starbucks spokesperson tells NewsChannel 10 they are “happy to confirm that we will be opening a new location at 5501 Plum Creek Drive in Amarillo, TX in September 2022.”

This store will feature a full drive thru, café and a patio.

That’s all we’ve got for New in Amarillo this week, tune back next week for a new segment.

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