GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shows how 2 young boys made a successful business out of candy

Published: Mar. 3, 2022 at 10:06 PM CST|Updated: Mar. 3, 2022 at 10:11 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - There is a great deal to learn when you launch a new business and work toward making it a profitable venture.

Two teenage brothers here in Amarillo have already mastered the concept and run a very successful business.

Personally, my favorite are the Skittles of the Carmel m&ms, just because they’re not to overpower.

“It all started when I saw that on YouTube, you could freeze dry Skittles. And my grandma or my parents had gotten a freeze drying machine. That way we could freeze dry foods and stuff for hiking. And I decided I was going to try it one day. And I took it to school and all my friends loved it,” said Wyatt Millburn. “And so I started taking orders because I was like, might as well make money off of it. So I started selling, and my teacher started liking them, and it just grew out of proportion.”

Wyatt walked me through the process of manufacturing the unique and popular products using the process of freeze drying.

“What it does is it vacuum seals it that way, there’s no air inside. And that’s when it starts the process of sublimation, where we get the freezing and heating up and it pulls all of that moisture out and gives us the delicious airy candies,” said Wyatt.

The candy business exploded so rapidly that reinforcements were needed quickly.

“My mom and my brother really couldn’t do it alone. So I joined in to help out. Then I just became like a big part of it,” said Wesley.

To keep up with a growing interest and demand. The boys have even hired employees to help with the load.

“We can get more candy produced that we feel more orders,” said Wyatt.

“I think the biggest thing both of them have learnt is that it takes a lot more work than they originally thought to run a business. From startup to finish, we’ve made them kind of draw that up that business plan,” said Emma Wilburn, guiding and Supporting Sons’ Business Efforts.

“So I have to buy all the candy which we had to try. And then from there, we had to buy more machines as demand grew and from that we had to get different labels for everything that way it was our product,” said Wyatt.

Their hard work has definitely paid off and has laid the groundwork for future opportunities.

Wyatt said he just bought a new car since I just turned 15.

“So in college, I want to go to like a theater school. Because I’m really into like theater and acting and stuff. So I want to live in like New York when I’m older and do Broadway and stuff and maybe go to Hollywood,” said Wyatt.

“Well, I do want to study law enforcement. But I would like to continue this just because I like selling I have that entrepreneurship in my blood,” said Wesley.

His advice for others. It’s never too late. Like there’s always a need for something and so no idea is dumb or stupid, you should always just try.

I still can’t believe that’s a skill right there. A skill that crunches.

Man it’s good. concocting an idea, developing a business plan and then executing it and making it into a profitable business at this age.

That’s pretty sweet.

These two great young men are not yet old enough to drive but operate a booming candy business. They are featured in my Good News story tonight.

Posted by Doppler Dave Oliver KFDA on Thursday, March 3, 2022

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