High Plains Food Bank granted with $250,000 to help combat food insecurity in Panhandle

Published: Jan. 20, 2022 at 8:53 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - High Plains Food Bank has been granted $250,000 from AIG Foundation to help communities hit by the pandemic.

AIG Foundation has made a $4 million contribution to Feeding America over the past two years, to go to food banks hit the hardest by the pandemic.

“These contributions are helping with some of the most critical needs America is facing, as we see the lines to the food banks, and the needs that our fellow Americans are facing, I think that the directors of the AIG foundation really felt like now’s the time to respond to those critical needs,” said Laura Gallagher, AIG’s global head of corporate citizenship and president of the AIG Foundation.

High Plains Food Bank says they are one out of six food banks to receive this grant because of how spread out its service area is.

The food bank distributes food to 29 counties in the Panhandle.

The AIG grant helps meet the general needs of the food bank, while jump starting a new initiate, distributing surveys to better serve the area.

The survey includes general questions about the households, but also touches on health questions.

“We can understand the health you know, scenarios of each household because health and what you eat are highly connected and tightly connected here with our inventory,” said Zack Wilson, executive director, HPFB.

Wilson says some households may have someone who is diabetic or someone who has high blood pressure with these surveys they will be able to better tailor their inventory to meet health needs.

This grant allows them to start off the year strong, while helping them meet any challenges that may come up such as, a rise in COVID-19 cases or supply chain issues.

While the grant helps them with funding, they are still in need of volunteers as we enter 2022.

“We just finished the holidays, had a great turnout of volunteers, you know, groups during the holiday season, but as we’re into the new year now and into the spring and also into the summer things historically, you know, slow down for us,” said Wilson.

If you are interested in volunteering you can call the food bank at (806) 374-8562 or go to their website.

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