West Texas A&M University partners with Education Credit Union for New Buff Smart Program

Published: Jan. 19, 2022 at 6:38 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - West Texas A&M University officials and Education Credit Union professional are celebrate the announcement of its new Buff $mart program.

WT President Walter Wendler gave a speech during the press conference highlighting student success post graduation and how the program will meet this goal.

“Our real purpose is to sustain a free society.” said Wendler. “People need to be good citizens and I think that this community partnership represents in some ways how it could be done.”

WT is partnering with Education Credit Union for students to run one of it’s branches gaining internship opportunities and real life work experience.

“When they do graduate, whether they go work for ECU or not their resume is gonna look a lot different thank most other recent college grads,” said Eric Jenkins, President and CEO of Education Credit Union. “I mean they’re coming to be very competitive when they compete for new jobs.”

Previously the program taught students financial literacy skills and how to avoid poor financial decisions.

Education Credit Union is building a new location on Farm to Market road 2590, once it’s complete, Education Credit Union staff will continue helping students get prepared for the real world.

Students will receive pay for their work and they’ll be able to apply for this program with marketing, IT, and accounting majors being encouraged to gain experience.

“Even in the agriculture industry we require banks we require people who work in financial institutions to support us,” said Tucker Gattis, peer financial coach with the Education Credit Union Buff $mart program. “This is a great opportunity to help connect those industries and help students realize there are career opportunities even outside of your major or degree.”

The program will start in the fall at the Education Credit Union facility on 4th Avenue in Canyon.

Students will be selected in the spring and will complete projects at the other Education Credit Union locations until renovations are complete.

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