High Schoolers call the shots ESPN style

Published: Jan. 19, 2022 at 11:13 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Tik Tok trends like the ESPN booth give high school students a chance to call the shots. Amarillo High, Randall and Canyon have found an innovative way to showcase their basketball teams.

“We just go live through Instagram and we can share lives,” said Connor Wells, Randall senior. “We got up to like 100 viewers on one of our games.”

“At first I was kind of just going to go Instagram live and just kind of do it off of my phone, but my friend Tyreese (Molden) gave me a really good idea to have him record the court,” said Erik Gray, Amarillo High senior. “We get another angle.”

Setting up the technology is just half the preparation.

“Shelby McCurdy made the sign,” said Mason Ladd, Randall senior. “Shoutout to her. We also text what to wear and what to bring to each game.”

School support from the student section and administration have helped grow their passion for broadcasting.

“They’ve been really supportive,” said Braxton Williams, Canyon senior. “I know Barstool Canyon’s followers have jumped up ever since they started from one to 500 pretty quick.”

“I feel like it’s great,” said Saul Velasquez, Amarillo High senior. “I feel like it’s good that they give us our freedom and that they allow us to do it because it’s fun for not only us, but the rest of the student section.”

Covering talented teams adds to the fun.

“Especially Canyon basketball,” said Tanner Owen, Canyon senior. “Watching your friends play and especially good basketball teams too.”

“Probably a dunk or a three and I like charges too,” said Williams.

“KJ’s three’s are fun because everybody gets excited about it,” said Ladd.

Their interactive play-by-play on social media provides an inside look at a shot at broadcasting.

“It’s cool seeing broadcasters on the side of the court,” said Gray. “It’s really cool. It makes you feel like you’re one of them.”

Fans can check out their live streams on Instagram under @randallbarstool, @barstoolcanyon and @_.erik_.gray.

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