29 Canyon ISD high school students selected for all-state band and choir

Published: Jan. 19, 2022 at 8:58 PM CST
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CANYON, Texas (KFDA) - 29 Canyon ISD students have been selected for all-state band and choir.

Canyon ISD says making it to all-state is a prestigious honor and highly competitive.

The whole process starts out around August when students learn the different songs and then the audition process starts in December, getting more competitive each audition

This select group is considered the top one to three percent of Texas high school musicians.

The selected group will be headed to San Antonio, February 9, to February 12.

They will perform on February 12, with others from around the state of Texas.

“They get to play with other like-minded musicians who are at the same level as they are so it’s like going to the state play-offs and having an all-star game, so that’s what it is this is our all-star league.” said Ginger Denney, band director, Randall High School.

Students say it takes countless hours off hard work and dedication inside and outside of the classroom to prepare.

“It’s hours on hours of practice, reading the music, trying to memorize this, so you’re not fumbling all over yourself and messing up because you want the absolute best audition for your best possible chance of making it,” said Blake Usleton, senior, Canyon High School.

Aubrey Webb, a freshman at Canyon High who is going to all-state for the first time says she would spend at least five days a week preparing.

“All my hard work did pay off, for me, that was one of my biggest things, if I put in this much work it will really show and it really did,” said Webb.

Julia Frank, a senior at Randall High, plans to continue music in college and believes this will help her future.

“You get to play with a lot of groups that are a much higher level than your high school is, so it prepares you for the kind of groups you’re going to play in in college and then you’re not as good as everyone there, so when you’re really good for a high school player and you get into college it’s going to be a rude awakening, but when you go to all-state, you already got that shock that there are people better than you” said Frank.

Denney says these students being selected for all-state impacts the entire Panhandle.

“This really puts us on the map, when we as directors walk in, they know, they see our kids like ‘Oh, that’s that’s the ISD, you know, oh, that’s that kid from such and such’, so it gives our kids a sense of pride and it puts us on the map in those fine arts communities,” said Denney.

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