‘They just absolutely lost all hope’: Amarillo disaster relief team heads to Colorado to help those impacted by wildfires

Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 3:54 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A disaster relief team from Amarillo is making its way to Colorado today to help those impacted by wildfires.

Paramount Baptist Church’s disaster relief team works with Texas Baptist Men to deliver help, hope and healing whenever disaster strikes.

The team will be serving in Boulder, Colorado to serve after the wildfires, they will be doing what is called ‘ash out work’.

“Probably a treasure hunt for the people up there through the ashes, so we’ll be sifting through homeowners’ property to help them find keepsakes and that sort of thing,” said Ernest McNabb, blue cap, Paramount Baptist Church and TBM.

McNabb says they will plan to spend about two weeks there.

Not only do they restore damages lost, but they also work to restore hope to those impacted, as their main mission is to share the love of Christ.

“You can just see it in their eyes they just absolutely lost all hope and when we finish we all gather around with a homeowner and of course we’ve been loving on them the entire time, but every single time you know, when we leave hope has been restored to that person or to that family,” said Linda Stark, chaplain, Paramount Baptist Church and TBM.

The team says they are always ready to help, no matter the distance.

“We’ll be working and often times people will say why did you come all this way and I said well we don’t do it for ourselves, we do it because of what Jesus Christ did for us and of course we want to repair their homes or help them out, but more than anything of course we would like them to have eternal homes,” said Stark.

At the end of the trip, they usually present those impacted with a bible.

“When they’ve had these fires a lot of times the people will tell us we lost our bible and when they’ve had these fires a lot of times the people will tell us you know, we lost our bible, this is the only bible we have now,” said McNabb.

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