GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shares all that has been good this year

Good News with Doppler Dave Oliver (Source: KFDA)
Good News with Doppler Dave Oliver (Source: KFDA)(KFDA)
Published: Dec. 30, 2021 at 10:27 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - This past year generated plenty of news, much of which could be considered a bit troubling. We look back and reflect on several positive and inspirational stories that took place this year.

As usual, there were plenty of frustrating, alarming, and discouraging stories in the news this year.

But there were also plenty of positive, encouraging, and uplifting “Good News” stories as well.

Doppler Daisy and I reported that an awesome community service program was expanding to include family members in the form of pets.

“All of our clients are homebound. So isolation, depression is very real, and their pets are like their family,” said Susie Akers.

“We found a way to grow our mission and help serve our client’s pets who are some of the closest friends and companions they have,” said Brian Hudson.

There was also a heart warming reunion I had with long time weather legend Dan True.

“When I agreed to go to KFDA, he says ‘Dan, what do you think of radar?’ I had a speech I’d been making for years. Dan, what do you think of radar?” said Dan True.

“That did it. Could you imagine doing weather without radar? We had the first radar in the U.S. at a television station, and that’s what put KFDA on the map,” said Dan.

We shared in the stories of triumph from local people rising above adversity.

“When the sirens would go off, we’d have to run back into our basement and so, we lived down there for two years without any running water. Nothing is permanent. You know, things can always change. You can’t dictate your life by what happens to you in your past. You can recognize it but then you have to move on and be a stronger person,” said Azra Barakovic.

Most recently, we shared in the joys of a new addition to the family that came in dramatic and unexpected fashion.

“On Tuesday morning around 1:00, I had woken up and I was in pain so I took a bath and then in the bath, I’m like ‘Man this is getting a little too much for me.’ So I needed to walk and at two is when my contractions started and so they weren’t bad,” said Jocelyn. “They were 45 seconds long which is not anything really. At around 3:02 while I’m walking around my water broke, so I was like okay. This is it! It’s go time. I was so happy he was coming before I was getting induced.”

“God is so good because 100,000 things could’ve gone wrong and nothing went wrong. Just knowing like in those moments with everything going crazy like it was all good and God took care of us you know, and now we got this healthy boy coming home with us so it’s hard to believe,” said Hadley.

There is a ton of good news out there and I look forward to reporting as many fun, encouraging, uplifting stories as I can find.

I will have more Good News!

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