GOOD NEWS: ‘I was like ‘I gotta push’': Doppler Dave shares an unique story of how a baby was born

Published: Dec. 23, 2021 at 9:00 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Most people know the story of baby Jesus born in a stable because there was no room available in the inn. We have the story of another unusual birth that took place recently.

With the birth of their second child nearing, Hadley & Jocelyn Howe were making some pretty normal plans.

“Our plan was to go to the hospital and be there and do it the traditional way. We were in the route of trying to get that accomplished,” said Hadley.

In fact, the plan was pretty straight forward with Jocelyn scheduled to be induced the following day.

“I knew I was going to be induced at 5:00 a.m. We were praying like okay, Tuesday at 5:00, there’s no other choice but to get induced so he has to come before that,” said Jocelyn.

As it turns out, baby Maverick did come before that but in dramatic fashion.

“On Tuesday morning around 1:00, I had woken up and I was in pain so I took a bath and then in the bath, I’m like ‘Man this is getting a little too much for me.’ So I needed to walk and at two is when my contractions started and so they weren’t bad,” said Jocelyn. “They were 45 seconds long which is not anything really. At around 3:02 while I’m walking around my water broke, so I was like okay. This is it! It’s go time. I was so happy he was coming before I was getting induced.”

The trip to the hospital was now necessary immediately, so there was some frantic packing and a burst out the door.

From their house the hospital is 4.3 miles away, but they didn’t make it to the hospital. In fact they didn’t get off the driveway.

“I was in so much pain. I was like, ‘I cannot do this’. Finally, Hadley and my sister both were both like ‘Either you are going to have him here, or you’re going to have to get up and go to the hospital’. And while he is calling for the ambulance, I was like ‘I gotta push’. So, I leaned against the car standing up and I push and I was like ‘Okay. I’m not crazy’ and so felt, and I could feel his head. We were in the driveway, and so thankfully I had a towel because I didn’t want my water to keep breaking in the car and so I had a towel so Joy and Hadley put the towel on the concrete,” said Jocelyn. “It’s 3:21 and it’s cold outside. We don’t know what we’re doing and so I lay down and I pushed one time and my husband caught him and it happened so fast.”

“Like she was saying, I remember she’s like ‘I think I gotta push’ and so she’s like going down. We laid the towel out and then for me, the next thing I know I’m on my knees and then there’s the baby in my hands. Like I don’t even remember what happened in between,” said Hadley.

Despite the sudden chaos associated with the arrival of their new child, the Howes feel they have been tremendously blessed through the event.

“Even in the wildness of it and in the chaos, in the crazyness, it was actually really peaceful oddly. And then when the EMTs showed up, there like no, everything is fine and it gave me such peace. God knew it would happen like this, so it’s kinda crazy that it actually did and we’re here and he’s healthy and happy. We’re all good,” said Jocelyn.

“God is so good because 100,000 things could’ve gone wrong and nothing went wrong. Just knowing like in those moments with everything going crazy like it was all good and God took care of us you know, and now we got this healthy boy coming home with us so it’s hard to believe,” said Hadley.

Well, this Christmas season, when we reflect on a miracle birth, the Howe’s will have a miracle birth of their own to talk about and everybody’s doing well.

It’s good news!

We know the story of baby Jesus born in the stable because of no room in the inn. I have another dramatic December birth with this family in my Good News story tonight

Posted by Doppler Dave Oliver KFDA on Thursday, December 23, 2021

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