Vega’s Maci Hartsell named GOAT Scholar Athlete of the Week

Hartsell holds a 4.0 GPA
Published: Dec. 20, 2021 at 11:16 PM CST
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VEGA, Texas (KFDA) - Our NewsChannel 10 FirstBank Southwest GOAT Scholar Athlete of the week got serious about basketball six years ago and in October signed her National Letter of Intent to play for Wayland Baptist University. Meet Vega’s Maci Hartsell.

Vega senior 6′ power forward Maci Hartsell is versatile on the court. Her skills were recognized by Wayland Baptist University where she’ll play next season.

“You know I think one of my favorite things is secondary moves,” said Hartsell. “I love getting the ball inside and just be able to combine some moves and some fakes to get an easy bucket.”

“Maci can do a little bit of everything. She’s a good rebounder,” said Kirk Ellis, Vega girls basketball head coach. “She helps us guard post players, but she can play the post position. She can also dribble a little bit and go outside.”

Hartsell holds a 4.0 GPA sitting in the top five in her class. She works hard in school and the court shooting 600 to 800 shots on a good day.

“My typical day if I’m able to looks like getting up anywhere between 5-5:45 a.m. and getting in the gym,” said Hartsell.

Two years ago at basketball practice Hartsell had a bad day.

“I lost control of my arms, my hands and I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t really comprehend what people were saying either,” said Hartsell.

“That was terrifying because I was the one who noticed it. It’s really scary when it happens because I thought she was having a stroke,” said Amber Stewart, Hartsell’s Vega teammate. “That was scary. I was doing like the smile and the arm test.”

After six hours Hartsell was back to normal, but she was diagnosed with a Migraine with an Aura.

“Kind of through that experience as we figured out more about the migraines we learned that I have a small hole in my heart,” said Hartsell.

Hartsell battles athletes on the court, while also balancing mental health.

“I came out with some post traumatic stress disorder and some anxiety and I think something I’ve been able to use is basketball as an outlet,” said Hartsell.

She is a three-sport athlete while also participating in National Honor Society, One Act Play and FFA.

“Time before school has to be utilized just as important as time after school because we’ve got homework and dual-credit classes,” said Hartsell. “You’ve just got to take advantage of the time when you have it.”

Congratulations to Maci Hartsell on being nominated as a FirstBank Southwest NewsChannel10 GOAT Scholar Athlete of the Week. To nominate a senior, go to

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