Friona dairy digester project to produce over 1 million gallons of RNG gas annually

Here’s how it’s going to benefit Parmer County.
Published: Dec. 2, 2021 at 8:15 AM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A dairy in Friona just broke ground on a clean energy project.

Clean Energy, one of the largest renewable natural gas companies in the nation, has teamed up with TotalEnergies and Del Rio Dairy in Friona on a renewable natural gas digester.

The dairy said these energy projects are good for the area because it reduces the impact dairy farms have on greenhouse gas and helps create a cleaner environment.

The project uses energy that is not coming from fossil fuels.

In this case, the energy is coming from the methane production that is biogas produced by bacteria in the digestive track of cows. It also comes through the manure, then it’s collected, cleaned and used to create the clean energy.

“The production from this methane digester can also be used as’s very important. This is one of the first dairy’s that we have not only in the Panhandle, but in Texas. To the best of my knowledge, this will be one of the first ones (in the Texas Panhandle), so it’s very good for the region,” said Juan Pineiro, assistant professor & extension dairy specialist for Texas A&M University.

Montrose Environmental Group will be installing the cleaning equipment.

The dairy farm holds more than 7,500 milking cows.

It’s a system that in the absence of oxygen produces biogas for energy.

“That gas will be injected into the gas line here, next to our dairy, which is a gas line that is owned by Atmos,” said Rocky Gingg, owner of Del Rio Dairy.

Friona’s city manager says this will help the community and economy grow as it’s expected to create additional revenue and provide more jobs.

“Friona and Parmer County as a whole are agricultural based. So, we’re looking at expanding whether it’s wheat production or dairy or cattle production. We’re always looking at expanding those initiatives and those projects that we have in the community. This is huge for us. It’s going to allow people the opportunity that work on this project to shop local and to contribute to the community. It’s something that Del Rio has done for the past several years that they’ve been in this area. It’s allowed us to really grow as a community,” said Lee Davila, city manager for the City of Friona.

The Del Rio Dairy digester project is expected to generate over one million gallons of renewable natural gas annually.

The project is anticipated to be completed by October of next year.

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