Caviness Beef Packing company receives tax abatement to construct new facility in Randall County

Published: Nov. 23, 2021 at 7:13 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Nearly 40 years at their current location on Amarillo boulevard, Caviness Beef Packers is ready to move.

They received a 100 percent tax abatement from the Randall County Commissioners Court today in building their new ground beef processing facility.

The abatement will last for 10 years giving the company more flexibility to hire more employees.

“The impact to the community should be good,” said Trevor Caviness, president of Caviness Beef Packing. “We’ll be going starting out at 120 employees and moving up to potentially 200 employees.”

$52 million is going into this project and Caviness expects 83 percent of the company’s $100 million salary budget to stay in the area.

Randall county judge, Christy Dyer says this abatement can lower the cost of local meat products we get in stores and will grab the attention of other meat producing companies.

“This can be a hub with the additional land that they have to hopefully to encourage other industry leaders in that field to come to our area and to Randall County,” said Dyer.

The new factory is located near the 355 loop and S. Washington Street.

Caviness said they chose this location based on the growth in Canyon and Randall County.

“With the leadership in place now they’re definitely progressive and looking to add future industry,” said Caviness.

Estimated completion time for the factory is May next year.

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