Amarillo neighborhood food pantry turns into community-wide effort to help anyone in need

Published: Nov. 23, 2021 at 4:38 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Last year around this time, one Amarillo woman started a neighborhood pantry right in her front yard and in just a year it has grown into a community-wide effort.

Last year, Beth Grady and her husband both had COVID-19 and were unable to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends, so while quarantining she spent time watching videos to cheer her up.

One day, she came across a video on Facebook of a man who started a neighborhood food pantry and decided to make a pantry of her own: B’s Pantry.

The pantry is self-serve and free for anyone to utilize.

There are no financial requirements or paperwork to fill out.

“Everybody has been hit, somebody with a $100,000 job could be out of work just as easy as somebody who has been down and out, we’ve all been in different places,” said Beth Grady, B’s Pantry.

It all started out as just three shelves with things like, mac n cheese and toilet paper and now the whole community helps out and has even helped donate a new weather-proof cabinet.

“Literally if neighbors drive by and see if the pantry is running low or it needs something specific, they just show up and it’s not even my pantry anymore it’s ours,” said Grady.

A local girl scout spends time coming out to the pantry making sure it’s neat for those in need.

“We organize it and we just put food in, so the homeless people can feel like they’re right at home or if they don’t have that much money they can come here and get some free food,” said Layla Pontruff, volunteer.

She says it is important to do so people can easily grab the food.

“It makes me feel happy and warm inside because I can see how much people are feeling happy,” said Pontruff.

Grady says when COVID-19 first started she felt so helpless.

“I wanted to help people, but we had to socially distance and how do you do that, how do you help people who have lost their jobs, how do you help people who have lost a loved one or whatever, so one of the cool things about this is I call it ‘the food pantry angels’, it’s kind of like magic, we don’t have to get together, we don’t have to put each other at risk of being contaminated or whatever,” said Grady.

Not only has the pantry blessed those in need, but Grady says it blesses her every day knowing she is helping people.

“Just this morning, I was having a kind of a hard morning, I lost a friend this week and I happened to come out and there was a lady here and she was so sweet, she was like I come here every week, I’m so glad I finally got to meet you, this has blessed my family so much and my grand kids have cereal because of you and the people who do this,” said Grady.

B’s Pantry is located at 8312 Lamount in Amarillo and is open 24/7.

The pantry also has a Facebook page with more information about what the pantry offers and how to help out.

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