‘We just do not approve of the mandates and federal government overreach’: Amarillo group protests against vaccine mandate

Published: Nov. 19, 2021 at 9:24 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - In Amarillo today, a group demonstrated against the federal vaccine mandate.

Several people attended the protest, which was put on by the Panhandle Texans for Medical Choice.

They stood in front of the Thomas E. Creek VA Medical Center waving flags and holding signs, expressing their beliefs.

There was a strong support from those passing by, many cars honked and some stopped to say thank you for their efforts.

Many expressed it is not the vaccine itself they have a problem with, but the fact people are being forced to get it.

“We are not anti-vax, let me make that clear, we are not anti-vaxxers, we just do not approve of the mandates and federal government overreach,” said Ryan Brightbill, founder, Panhandle Texans for Medical Choice.

Today’s efforts were to support healthcare workers whose jobs may be at risk if they choose not to be vaccinated

“Our healthcare workers were our heroes, not too long ago and now they are the ones being targeted and losing jobs because of it,” said Iva Ortega, attendee.

This group has held other protests and say to expect more to come.

They encourage others who have strong beliefs over the mandate to join them and stand with them.

“Let your voice be heard too because you’re not alone, we’re all out here doing this and standing up for our freedom and it’s important,” said Karen Grove, attendee.

Their next event will be held the Friday after Thanksgiving where they will march up and down Coulter, within the medical district between Wallace and SW 9th Ave.

For information on more of their events, join their Facebook group.

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