Amarillo food banks experience the affects of supply chain issues as holidays approach

Published: Nov. 17, 2021 at 8:58 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - With the holidays approaching, Amarillo food banks feeling the effects of supply chain issues.

The High Plains Food Bank says they are being impacted in a couple different ways.

The impacts range from logistic issues such as, longer wait times or cancelled orders and higher costs.

High Plains Food Bank also helps supply other banks in the area such as, Catholic Charities.

“Most of our food does come from the High Plains Food Bank and because of the shortage we do not get to order as much, so we have to spend more money trying to get our food from other places, so then we don’t get to serve as many people,” said Maribel Burton, Hunger Project, store manager.

Burton says for Thanksgiving, they like to give out turkeys for the month of November and usually they get those turkeys from High Plains Food Bank, but because of the shortage they are having to turn to other places and say the price has almost quadrupled.

Due to these higher prices for turkey, they have to limit the other items they give out.

Besides food being impacted, High Plains Food Bank says their distribution chain has been impacted by the shortage of supply for some of their equipment.

“It’s really affected the time that our trucks are down as well and if we have a truck down waiting on repair because we’re waiting on a part, that’s less food that we are able to send out the door,” said Zack Wilson, executive director, High Plains Food Bank.

With the holidays, it makes the need for these banks even greater.

“We see a lot more giving in that regard, but the need is magnified tremendously people that are really stretching and trying t get gifts for their kids they’re finding it more and more difficult to put food on the table as well,” said Jeff Gulde, executive director, Catholic Charities.

Catholic Charities say they are in need of hams and turkeys, if you are looking to help.

Since the need is so important, NewsChannel10 partners with High Plains Food Bank for their annual Together We Can food drive.

Wilson says starting this Saturday, you can donate at any area United Store.

Those looking to help out food banks can donate items or money.

Wilson says with just one dollar they can provide six meals.

For more information on Together We Can, click here.

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