Southwest Amarillo Loop 335 construction to be done by this spring

Published: Nov. 17, 2021 at 8:56 AM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Construction along State Loop 335 is underway in southwest Amarillo.

Overpasses have been built and turnarounds have been installed at SL 335 on Coulter Street and same goes for the other side, east of Coulter Street on W. Hollywood Road.

Travelers are currently using temporary frontage roads on Coulter Street.

Drivers are not able to use the overpasses yet because crews still need to install the lighting, signals, approaches, rails, gravel, support to the bridges and the turnarounds.

The project has made a lot of headway and TxDOT said they are expecting to have Coulter Street open to traffic by March of next year.

“For people who are looking for a true loop, that’s not what you’re getting immediately. That’s in the future....but it’s all going to be based not just on need, but funding is a big factor. So as projects become funded, they are already designed and ready to go,” said Sonja Gross, TxDOT public information officer. “When the time comes, TxDOT will be ready.”

The same progress that is being made at Coulter is being made at Hollywood on I-27 as well.

TxDOT expects that construction to finished by this Spring.

“Soncy as we know it is no longer officially the Loop, Helium Road is and we’re going to have that open by summer of next year if everything goes according to plan. The frontage roads, we’ve got to keep everyone on top of that. We’re not building the main lanes yet, that parts not funded. But we are going to have frontage roads done and at least the portions that need to be open, ready in time for the school year next year,” said Gross.

At Helium Road the northbound frontage road is done, and crews are currently working on the southbound frontage road.

You’ll see crews working on the intersections, the overpass bridge and the frontage roads as new pavement is being completed.

TxDOT wants to remind you to not speed through construction zones as construction can change in a heartbeat, there could be a different traffic patterns tomorrow.

“These temporary headaches today are going to lead to better travel opportunities in the future for improving your mobility in the future and on top of mobility, one of our number one focuses is safety and so we’re designing and building these roads to not just meet your mobility needs, but to meet your safety needs as well,” said Gross.

If traveling in the area, drive carefully as you may have to respond to unknowns in the roads.

TxDOT wants to wants to thank you for your patience throughout all the construction going on in Amarillo and you can find the most up to date road conditions at or their twitter at TXDOT Amarillo.

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