‘They earned it’: Group of veterans serving other veterans in special ways

Published: Nov. 11, 2021 at 8:57 PM CST
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - As the nation takes the day to honor its veterans, a local veteran’s group is honoring veterans in a very special way.

Volleys for Veterans started when the Department of Defense drastically cut funding to send active military personnel to do final military honors for veterans and they believed something had to be done.

They want to make sure deceased veterans and their families get the honors and recognition they deserve.

“The men that we render honors to serve their country honorably and they deserve to be recognized for that, they earned it and they need to get it,” Don Spence, unit commander and coordinator, Volleys for Veterans.

The group works with all of the funeral homes and whenever there is a deceased veteran, the family is asked if they want military honors and if so, that is where Volleys for Veterans comes in to give those honors all at no cost.

“It’s a solemn thing we do and it’s very touching, we know we provide the family with some recognition for their loved one service and it also helps with a little closure for them as well,” said Spence.

They do honors not just in Amarillo, but throughout the entire Panhandle, as well as sometimes in New Mexico and Oklahoma.

They say there is a need for more veterans.

“There may be a lot of veterans out there who saying ‘Oh, I want my family to have that done when my time comes’ there needs to be a team, for there to be a team, we need more volunteers,” said John Pace, Volleys for Veterans.

The whole service is about veterans serving veterans.

“It is gratifying but I use the word honorable, it’s an honor to serve, now it’s an honor to give back my service to my fellow veterans,” said Doug Messer, Volleys for Veterans.

They say there are two vital rules for what they do, which are:

  1. We get just one chance to get it perfect for the family.
  2. Every funeral is the same, only different.

Any veteran can get involved with the group, it doesn’t matter their branch or rank.

To get involved, you can call them at (806) 681-5339.

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