GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shares how animals are receiving help when it is needed

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 10:15 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Meet Bob – like most kittens he is lively and playful, but unlike domestic pet kittens, Bob is a wild bobcat – brought in to the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center with some health issues.

“This is Bob and he is a juvenile bobcat. He came to us as a baby and we were raising him and realized pretty quickly that he’s near-sighted, so we knew pretty much from the start that the pan was going to be to find him a place because he’s not releasable,” said Christy Rowley, Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Bob is just one of hundreds of wild animals brought in to the center to be rehabbed and hopefully released again into the wild.

“We take in any native wildlife to Texas so we take in everything from turtles to snakes to squirrels and raccoons, possums, coyotes, you name it, we take it,” said Christy.

The clientele is not just furry or feathered friends.

“We get tarantulas. It’s breeding season right now so the males are traveling miles. You’ll see them crossing the roads right now, and we’ve had three or four calls already this years for tarantulas in trouble that we’ve brought in and gotten fixed up,” said Christy. “The first time this year I held a tarantula. I’ve not been good with those but I faced my fear and actually held one finally.”

No matter the size or species, the goal is the same.

“It’s always to get them healthy and back where they belong which is out in the wild. We’ve release several hawks. We’ve released a few tarantulas, we’ve released raccoons, and the last of our baby raccoons from this year and we’ve released a few opossums recently. And every year, we see our numbers go up. A part of that is people being aware that we’re here and knowing that they find a wild animal they know they can call us to come and help it. Every year, our numbers go up by a few hundred. So we’re working right now to get a grant for an educational building so we can take our animals like bob, have a place where people can come and meet them and learn more about the wildlife in our area,” said Christy.

Which will require more funding and where you can get involved.

“You can donate to us on Paypal. You can go to amazon smile and make us your amazon smile donation. You can mail it in. We’ll take any donation that you can give us because that is what we run on is 100 percent donations,” said Christy.

You will be helping animals like Bob have a good future.

“Yes, he is actually going to live with a five year old bobcat that’s also near-sighted and lives with a lady that we was raised as a pet and he was turned over to her, and so he lives with her, and he’s about five, so Bob will have a friend so that’s good because he’s very playful,” said Christy.

Well, pets have veterinarians to help them get well. Wildlife are in good hands too thanks to the wild west wildlife rehab center.

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