Downtown Women’s Center makes retail changes to help more women in area

Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 6:15 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Downtown Women’s Center will soon be closing the Uptown Shoppe in Wolflin Village to move into the same building as their other retail location, Thrift City, on 10th Street and Adams.

They weren’t making much money at this location, and the move will save the center $30,000 a year to support their mission.

“We just have to make good business decisions so that all of our stores, including Uptown Shoppe, are bringing in the net income that we need for our women and children and that’s the whole purpose,” said Dianne Gilmore, executive director of the Downtown Women’s Center.

Thrift City will be renovating their floors and installing walls to separate Uptown Shoppe from the rest of the center.

A bargaining center will also be added to the store selling marked down items.

Staff share that this move will bring in more money, because some of their customers can’t travel across town.

“There’s a lot of customers that don’t have transportation and it’s hard for them to get out and shop, so this makes it easier for them and I think it will bless us,” said Pamela Lemons, retail operations manager of the Downtown Women’s Center.

Thrift City will start renovations next week and will be selling from part of their building to still bring in income until November 8.

Uptown Shop will be open in Wolflin Village until December 23, until they reopen in their new space January 3.

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