Barrio neighborhood’s planning to revamp the area

Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 9:39 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Barrio Neighborhood Planning Committee (BNPC) unveiled the neighborhood’s first monument and historical map today that highlights important landmarks throughout the area.

This is just the first step in making many changes throughout the community.

The map is set to give residents and visitors a guide showing addresses of 27 historical sites, 12 churches, three parks, two schools and two murals within the Barrio neighborhood.

The committee is also hoping to use it for educational purposes.

“This gives people an opportunity to really learn our history either from our mural that’s on 10th Avenue, on our map, on our historical book we have. There’s just different ways to learn about the history of this neighborhood,” said Teresa Kenedy, president of the Barrio Neighborhood Planning Committee.

This also kicked off a $3.12 million fundraising campaign that will be used for the 10th Avenue Streetscape project which will help revamp the Barrio neighborhood.

“We want it to be revamped economically. We have, just on these seven blocks we have 30 business owners, and we’ve had three move in since April of this year, so we’re excited about that. We want people to come shopping here, just to hang out, walk around, ride their bikes, ride their wheelchairs around and just relax and just enjoy the safe environment,” said Kenedy.

A resident who has lived in the neighborhood almost all her life says this is a great opportunity for Barrio residents as much of the area has been run down over time.

“If you look around the place we’re standing on, you can see that it’s grown old and I found it sad that some of the places in the Barrio were beginning to look a little worn and this is going to be somewhere to come to. We’re going to find reasons to get out here. It will be not only for the Barrio, but for visitors, for anybody that wants to come. I think it’s awesome,” said Sefe Lujan, Barrio resident.

So far $600,000 has been raised.

The committee has plans to raise money from a variety of sources including individuals, businesses and foundations on top of a possible state grant.

The funds would pay for decorative street lamps, ADA accessible sidewalks and cross walks, trees, umbrellas and tables with chairs, trash cans, recycled paved alleys, and park benches on 10th Avenue from Garfield to Ross Street.

Once the money is raised, then the project will take 30 months to complete.

The committee will be holding a meeting at the Alamo Center on November 11, at 6:00 p.m. if you’re interested in attending and seeing more of their plans for yourself, in person.

If you are interested in getting involved, donating or want more information about the project, visit here.

You can keep up with the latest at their Facebook page.

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