Hereford I.S.D providing free internet to students in their district who don’t have access at home

Published: Sep. 21, 2021 at 9:06 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Hereford Independent School District is providing free internet access to students in their district who currently do not have connectivity in their home.

There are over 500 families in the district who do not have internet in their home.

Those parents have until October 1, to sign up.

Hereford I.S.D is able to provide 400 families in their district with this free service.

Students eligible will receive free high speed internet with filtering so students will be safe online at home.

Once families are approved, the service provider will come to the home to install it.

“It goes through our local ISP which is WT Services here in Hereford and so any family that hasn’t had internet for a year qualifies for this,” said Dana Friel, director of technology at Hereford I.S.D.

To make this possible the school district applied for funding to receive 200 hard wired lines from WT Services and 200 hotspots from AT&T.

“There are unique circumstances where because of this connectivity and the lack of connectivity, we know that that’s been a challenge for some of our students and so they will either go borrow friends connectivity or come close to a school. This is just another way to have that connectivity right there in the home and available to our students so that they can continue their homework. So there are a lot of our assignments that have that, but then again they have opportunities to turn it in at school if they need to,” said Sheri Blankenship, superintendent for Hereford I.S.D.

All students have access to Chrome Books with a ratio of one student to one laptop.

“If we provide that we are required to allow them to take those home. We are working with that in our elementary campus’s, that is something new for this year. Our high school students have been taking their Chrome Books home for sometime now,” said Blankenship.

The funding will provide families with free internet for a year and then Hereford I.S.D. is going to add on another six months to that, so families will have access to the free internet for at least 18 months until December 2022.

“We want to be able to provide these services for our kids so that they can continue the learning at home... If they’re out and they need to connect with their teacher, they’re able to connect with the teacher. This also provides services for family. So, if mom or dad are looking for a job, they now have the ability to search online and look for a job instead of using their cell phone,” said Friel.

The internet has to be in place at the home by October 31.

Parents can apply by clicking here, to sign up.

You can also pick up a short application at the Hereford I.S.D. administration building or your child’s campus.

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