Brain health seminar to help improve Amarillo veterans and first responders mental performances

Published: Sep. 21, 2021 at 6:28 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Texas Panhandle War Memorial Center is hosting a two day seminar to improve the mental performance of veterans and first responders.

It’s being led by the Center for Brain Health based in Dallas, and the instructors challenged everyone to be innovative, focused, and open to change.

This helps veterans who’ve gone through stressful situations make an easier transition back into regular society.

“It’s not some of just the things that have happened to [you],” said Katie Hinds, clinician for the Center for Brain Health and seminar instructor. “Instead, how can you now start to take charge and ownership of your own brain and the way you think daily at home with your family, but also in now the workplace that is different than your prior life in the military.”

Organizers wanted to bring this seminar to Amarillo to help veterans slow down from the fast paced lifestyle they worked in.

“They’ve been living under such different conditions and then to just walk back in and all of a sudden try to be just like everything was before they left and it’s not,” said Mary Nell Lemert, organizer at The Texas Panhandle War Memorial Center.

Army veteran and seminar participant, Donald Corbin, shared that people often overlook how the experiences service members go through and impact their way of thinking.

“Being able to have that pause is necessary because I’m always thinking of the next move, the next step, what’s going on with the kids, what’s going on with work, what’s going on with personal life,” said Corbin.

Having children to take care of, Corbin shared the biggest lesson he learned today was to take breaks to focus better in the moment.

“Forget about email, forget about the meeting in the morning and to just be present with friends and family when they’re there,” said Corbin.

The Texas Panhandle War Memorial Center is planning to host more of these events in the future and encourages people to follow them online for upcoming dates.

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