Amarillo High senior Brielle Worley named GOAT Scholar Athlete of the Week

Worley holds a 101.07 GPA
Published: Sep. 20, 2021 at 11:24 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - This week’s FirstBank Southwest GOAT Scholar Athlete of the Week faces an obstacle everyday, but that does not stop her from doing her best. Amarillo High senior Brielle Worley’s perseverance and courage have earned her a Division 1 scholarship to play volleyball at Abilene Christian University.

Amarillo High volleyball is talented at the net, and 6′1″ senior Brielle Worley can slam it down on the outside.

“I am so competitive, so it’s always really fun especially at Amarillo High,” said Worley. “We like to beat other people, so it’s really fun being kill leader and all that.”

The Sandies are 30 games into the regular season, and the Abilene Christian University commit has tallied 313 kills, averaging 11 per match.

“Good long reach. She’s touching about 10 foot,” said Mike Moffitt, Amarillo High volleyball head coach. “We got her above 10 foot this summer, so her athleticism brings a ton to the game and she hits the ball hard.”

Worley is also talented in the classroom. She holds a 101.07 GPA and ranks third in the senior class, but life was not always easy. Worley was born three and a half months early and needed an emergency C-section.

“Within 30 minutes they were rolling me back and they said there’s not, there’s nothing,” said Kyndra Worley, Brielle’s mother. “They’re like we’re not getting any readings. I knew something was really bad when they said no, no let mom see her. I get emotional. So they brought her over and she did not look alive.”

Worley spent several months in the Phoenix NICU (newborn intensive care unit) before heading home.

“My doctor said she has a 10 percent chance of survival. Just want to prepare you for that,” said Kyndra. “My OB said you know I want you to be prepared that if she survives she’s going to have serious mental handicaps.”

It was not until Worley was three-years-old that her parents, Kyndra and Jeff, learned Brielle was deaf.

“It’s really hard for me to understand my teacher and my classmates and there’s always so many background noises and distractions, but I really learn to cope with it,” said Worley.

In class, Worley’s teachers wear a microphone for surround sound speakers and she sits in the front row. However, noises are even louder in a volleyball gym.

“I’ve gotten kind of used to blocking everyone out cheering and just kind of focusing on my teammates and my coach,” said Worley.

“She advocates for herself. Jumps in,” said Moffitt. “Eventually she kind of let me know we kind of have to make eye contact or I’m not going to know what’s going on.”

“We really had to work in our hand signs for the play calls, instead of being able to verbally be able to get her attention like where she could see our mouth,” said Jo Moffitt, Amarillo High junior setter.

Being deaf has not stopped Worley. She plays sports, participates in organizations like Superintendent Ambassadors and is committed play college volleyball at ACU where she plans on studying political science to become a lawyer.

“She’s not treated any differently there and that makes us happy and proud that she’s done what she’s done,” said Jeff Worley, Brielle’s father.

“I really do it for the glory of God,” said Worley. “I realize that he made me the person I am, so it’s really neat to have that connection with him.”

Congratulations to Brielle Worley on being nominated as a FirstBank Southwest NewsChannel10 GOAT Scholar Athlete of the Week. To nominate a senior, go to

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