New in Amarillo: Eskimo Hut’s ‘The Station’ opens, Matador Tequila Bar moves downtown

Two new businesses are open along the Canyon E-Way and in the heart of downtown Amarillo.
Published: Aug. 31, 2021 at 7:08 AM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Two new businesses are open along the Canyon E-Way and in the heart of downtown Amarillo.

Eskimo Hut’s ‘The Station’

Eskimo Hut officials say ‘The Station’ is Amarillo’s most unique gas station.

“We offer more than just a normal [convenience] store,” said Chris Smith, COO of Eskimo Hut.

While The Station sells average gas station items, such as refrigerated drinks and grab-and-go snacks, owners believe they take convenience a step further.

The Station is equipped with a high-tech coffee machine that can make espresso shots, cappuccinos, mochas and lattes.

They also sell Jell-O shots and daiquiris, along with special kinds of beef jerky and 99¢ sodas.

But, Smith says the most unique part of The Station is their full, Tex Mex restaurant.

“We have a full restaurant,” he explained. “With hot hold burritos and tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those have really been flying.”

While the station’s Tex Mex restaurant has grab & go burritos, they also come made to order.

Guests can walk up to a kiosk or register and have a fresh burrito made just the way they want.

The Station has also made a few burrito combinations of their own, their favorite of which is the ‘cowboy burrito’.

“We have a signature item called the cowboy burrito,” said Smith. “It’s a bed of cilantro lime rice, then a deep fried burrito that has green Chile carnitas and fajita beef inside. Then a layer of queso blanco, pinto beans a little pico, and a little cilantro.”

The Station's Cowboy Burrito
The Station's Cowboy Burrito(KFDA)

Eskimo Hut’s The Station can be found along I-27 at 7200 W McCormick Rd, Amarillo, TX.

Matador Tequila Bar

Matador Tequila Bar has moved from 6th Street into the heart of downtown, making itself the only specialty tequila bar on Amarillo’s main drag.

“We were about four blocks away before,” said Camey Maldonado, co-owner of Matador Tequila Bar. “We were still considered downtown but we weren’t on the main Polk Street, which is where we want to be. It’s so much fun downtown and we felt like tequila needed to be downtown.”

Maldonado adds that Matador outgrew their old space, with too many guests and not enough seating.

Now, the new location is 3 time as large with pool tables and additional seating.

“When you walk into the new Matador, its exactly the same only larger,” she added. “It’s about three times as large as the one we had before so we added a little bit more kitsch.”

A few sneak peek pictures! We are so close to finishing! Join us next weekend for the Big Grand Opening at our Downtown location!! 626 S Polk | Downtown

Posted by The Matador tequila bar. on Friday, August 20, 2021

Matador Tequila Bar aims to teach guests about tequila and the enjoyment in every cocktail.

Every kind of Matador cocktail is made with tequila, including chocolate martinis, old fashioneds and cosmos.

They also offer tequila flights and sips.

“So tequila is all based on aging,” explained Maldonado. “We have a Silver, a Reposado and an Añejo. And that basically means it’s straight out of the tap or it is aged up to five years. Each aging will give tequila a different flavor. I love the Añejo tequilas, that’s our oldest aging one. They’re aged in whiskey barrels so that gives it the good sweet taste.”

Its Friday and we are open until 2 AM! Bring your friends, enjoy some of our hand crafted cocktails, and sit on the...

Posted by The Matador tequila bar. on Friday, August 13, 2021

Matador Tequila Bar celebrated the opening of their new location this weekend with live music.

Matador is located at 626 S Polk St. and is open 5:00 p.m. to midnight on Wednesday and Thursday, and from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

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