Several road closures expected this fall, as Amarillo City Council moves forward with reconstruction project

Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 6:27 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Driving around Amarillo’s Medical District will be more challenging this fall, as the city moves forward with a major reconstruction project.

City Council has come to an agreement with a local contractor J. Lee Milligan, Inc. to start the reconstruction of Western Street, Wallace and Hagy Boulevard, and Port Lane.

Reconstruction will focus on Western Street from 49th Ave to 34th Ave. Wallace Blvd from...
Reconstruction will focus on Western Street from 49th Ave to 34th Ave. Wallace Blvd from Research St to Hagy Blvd, Hagy Blvd from Wallace Blvd to Amarillo Blvd, and Port Lane from Amarillo Blvd to Wolflin Ave.(KFDA)

“We evaluate and have a rating system for all of our arterials as far as their physical condition,” said Kyle Schniederjan, director of Capital Project Development and Engineering for the City of Amarillo. “Then we also have an importance rating based on traffic loading’s and the amount of traffic that those streets handle on a daily basis.”

According to the city, during evaluations these roads came to the top of the list with poor condition, excessive cracking and multiple failures.

“There’s significant commercial traffic on both of these corridors,” said Schniederjan. “Including what we would categorize high-risk public engagement piece in the hospital district, and doctor’s offices so, we’re going to have an extensive communication platform with those companies, with those businesses.”

Project limits map
Project limits map(KFDA)

Schniederjan said, they have been visiting with, sharing brochures and offering other communication to businesses and property owners adjacent to the project area.

“We live here too, you know, I don’t want it to be majorly disruptive construction out of our hospital or in front of an ER type of situation,” said Schniederjan. “It will impact people across the community and so, we want to say that early and often to get people involved and informed. Also be reactive to what their needs and desires are.”

Flavio Benavidez burrito stand has been located at Western Street and 49th for five years.

He said, although he has never seen a construction of this magnitude, he’s not worried about his business.

“Business will come, they will eat everyday,” said Benavidez. “Regardless, they will eat.”

The $10,417,305.95 project will include full-depth replacement of pavement section and will take a minimum of a year to be completed.

The city is now working with the contractor on scheduling and will have a website available where the community can keep up with closures.

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