Amarillo City Council meet with stakeholders to discuss future development plans

Published: Aug. 17, 2021 at 8:43 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Amarillo City Council held a special meeting today at Globe News Center to discuss and receive public comment on the Partnership for Development Progress plan by local stakeholders.

This meeting is the first step towards creating new developments in Amarillo.

The City said Amarillo’s below-average taxation and above-average participation by the city in infrastructure facilities is an unsuitable situation.

The mission statement for the Partnership for Development Progress states, “To create a development focused, solutions-based approach for continued and sustainable growth.”

“For development to occur, the City must find a sustainable and predictable funding source to increase lots available for development without putting development costs on Amarillo property taxpayers,” the vision statement states.

The City said in their meeting their first goal is to be able to have 1,000 lots available for developers.

They say this is a process, but the first steps were taken today by listening to the stakeholders thoughts and needs.

“We want to go through the process of hearing from you, getting input from each of the stakeholder groups and going through a process including hiring a consultant to help us do that,” said Floyd Hartman, Amarillo assistant city manager overseeing development services.

The plan for phase one is as follows:

  • Meet with local stakeholders to get input on short and long-term development plans and processes.
  • Citizen and stakeholder with realtors, subcontractors, apartment association, bankers, builders, developers and other governmental entities input meetings to discuss alternatives to taxpayers subsidizing development
  • Hire consultant to identify best options and practices and provide recommendations
  • Appoint citizen PDP committee
  • Utilize input from the committee to identify the path forward

The anticipated cost of phase one is $75,000.

After phase one, it will then follow into two more phases.

Phase two is working with the consultant on how to do the recommendations and update the design manuals related to development and phase three is implementation.

The Mayor of Amarillo, Ginger Nelson believes this will be a great thing for the City of Amarillo.

“We need to be able to grow in our housing market, we need to be able to provide affordable homes, and we need our building community to be in a position where their businesses can succeed, but they know they have certainty with how we are going to grow as a city and how we’re going to develop new neighborhoods,” said Mayor Nelson.

She said this is an Amarillo project, but they will continue to have conversations with Potter and Randall counties and the City of Canyon about what they are doing to receive input.

The Mayor also said it is important to increase communication as Amarillo develops and work together as a community to do it as cost efficiently as possible.

“It’s going to be good for economic development, it’s going to be good for taxpayers to know we are trying hard to spend their tax dollars wisely and efficiently, I think it’s going to be great to provide our building community with some certainty,” said Mayor Nelson.

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