Amarillo health experts recommend COVID-19 patients should be vaccinated

Published: Aug. 13, 2021 at 8:32 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - In Randall and Potter counties more than 34 thousand people have recovered from COVID-19.

Health experts say those who have recovered from the virus should still be vaccinated, as it could increase immunity.

“Vaccination plus a prior history of infection provides better immunity than a prior history of infection by itself, we do see that vaccines protect against the Delta variant specifically better than having had an infection with the prior variant protects against delta,” says Dr. Bell, Dr. Todd Bell, associate professor, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Amarillo public health authority.

They say when you have the virus, you develop immunity, which is good, however it is unknown what level of protection already having the virus provides you.

“Assume they have the infection and assume they have a resistance and that is true for a limited time we all have seen people who have had the COVID have the COVID again,” says Dr. Tarek Naguib, regional chair of internal medicine, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Doctors say you can depend on immunity for about three months and then you need to be worried about reinfection.

Dr. Bell says if someone has been treated using monoclonal antibodies they do need to wait the three months before being vaccinated.

“Those antibodies are going to still stick around in the system and circulate for up to three months, so they actually need to wait three months,”says Dr. Bell.

They say the vaccine is the best way to make sure you and others around you are protected.

“It’s really important for everybody, even if they’ve had COVID because it’s the best way to not only protect not only themselves, but their community members, their families, their friends and anyone else they come in contact with,” said Dr. Kawsar Talaat, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Dr. Lee says with the new Delta variant it is important to be vaccinated because there is still a chance you could now be reinfected with the new variant.

“Somebody got infected back last winter, they need to be concerned that they’re going to be at risk of being reinfected, they should get a vaccination. The vaccine plus their history of COVID is going to really help them resist any infections in the near future,” said Dr. Bell.

Health officials said it does not matter which vaccine you get if you were already infected, however Dr. Bells said he recommends the Pfizer or Moderna.

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