Amarillo nonprofit moves to second phase of expansion in order to help more homeless

Published: Jul. 27, 2021 at 6:03 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Panhandle Adult Rebuilding Center or The PARC has been helping the homeless ease back into society for many years.

“We got a gentleman that has been with us for several months now. He’s gotten a home, he’s gotten a car, but he still comes to the park every morning before work,” said Valerie Gooch, executive director at The PARC. “Because this is the place where he’s found relationship and community.”

Gooch also says that with their numbers continuing to grow and some of the city’s alternative housing programs ending, they’re seeing more people come to the center.

“We had times where we had standing room only. There’s been nowhere to sit because every single seat has been full,” said Micah Enger, project coordinator at The PARC.

The nonprofit serves around 150 people a month. With the expansion, they’re expecting to double that number.

“We’ll have more space to offer a variety of classes so our members can finally choose which ones they would like to go to, which one better fits their needs,” said Gooch.

The PARC is now in the process of raising funds and trying to get city permits to start building on the lot they bought last year.

If you would like to help them, you can do so by participating in their upcoming fundraiser called ‘The Hunt,’ a city-wide scavenger hunt.

“You get to go all over the city and what I love about is it helps people see parts of Amarillo that they might have not known about before,” said Gooch. “It introduces them to businesses, local businesses participating.”

The fundraiser will take place from August 5 to August 8.

Teams of up to six are able to participate and there’s a cash price of $500.

The nonprofit still does not have a timeline of when the expansion will be completed.

For more information and to register for the hunt, click here.

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