Texas Outdoor Musical offers discount to Panhandle residents to get more people to see show

Published: Jul. 26, 2021 at 6:08 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The Texas Outdoor Musical’s first Panhandle Towns Week is starting tomorrow and runs through August 8.

Panhandle area residents can receive 20 percent off their ticket purchases.

The musical drama is known for bringing people in from all around the globe, but the organization says many from the area don’t make their way out to the show.

Anna Parsons, Texas Marketing Assistant said, “We put together to again, bring people out of their homes and even though it is a local attraction it is something you do forget about and it’s something I defiantly wanted people to experience.”

With last year’s season being canceled due to COVID-19, the organization is happy to be back.

Their season has been going good so far, and they have been seeing a lot of out-of-state visitors.

Usually they see international visitors, but with COVID-19 travel restrictions they are not seeing as many.

“We get tons of people from out of state, not as many out of country like we usually do, you know COVID has kind of put a damper on that because the U.S. does require all sorts of entry things with COVID –19, but tons of out-of-state,” said Stephanie Price, associate director of marketing.

They have decided to stop the awarding of the visitor who traveled the farthest due to their not being international travelers.

Texas said they hope to offer more discounts for Panhandle residents in the future and wants to keep doing Panhandle Towns Week each year.

To purchase, visit TEXAS and use code PTW21 when purchasing tickets.

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