Update on Cannon Air Force Base investigation into chemicals in groundwater

Updated: Jun. 16, 2021 at 9:53 PM CDT
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CURRY COUNTY, New Mexico (KFDA) - Wednesday, Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis hosted its second public virtual meeting regarding the chemicals found in groundwater around the base.

Cannon Air Force Base officials are saying they’re currently working on short-term solutions.

“For the community I know that’s one of the main concerns that everybody has brought up, is ‘what can you do now,’ and this is in response to that. This is something that we can do now and once we’re done with that engineering evaluation cost analysis, we’ll be able to look at putting a full-scale interim corrective measure in place,” said Christipher Gierke, remedial project manager at Cannon Air Force Base.

The PFOS and PFOA compounds found in drinking water has affected people in the Clovis area.

As a response to the community’s concerns, Cannon Air Force officials discussed how they’re working on providing short term solutions through a treat-ability study while the investigation continues.

After that, they will work on putting long term solutions in place.

Environmental experts were at the meeting to address questions from the Clovis community about the acids found in groundwater.

Officials also provided the community with updates on the investigation. Here’s what they had to say.

“We are currently prepared to submit our work plan to the regulatory agencies for a 30-day comment period and once we receive those, we will take those comments and combine those in with the work plan and once we finalize it, we can commence our field work... The first step of the field work that we will be commencing will be groundwater sampling soil in the off-base locations. So, we will be getting in touch with local community members and working right of entry agreements with them so that that way we can come out three and take those samples,” said Gierke.

The mayor of Clovis says he is confident Cannon will take care of the issue.

“That’s the reminder that I want to give to the community is that, this groundwater contamination thing, DOD (United States Department of Defense ) and AFCEC (Air Force Civil Engineer Center) are updating us on that and their action plans, but the folks at Cannon, they’re busy about taking care of the nation’s defense and they have my full support,” said Mike Morris, mayor of Clovis.

Cannon is holding quarterly updates about this issue.

Visit Cannon’s website to look out for the next public meeting.

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