The Bender’s Hockey Club hopes to keep women’s league alive in Amarillo

A team created to allow women to find their place in the sport of hockey.
Updated: May. 31, 2021 at 11:38 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Being in Texas, let alone Amarillo, hockey is not a popular sport like, football or basketball. It’s a male dominated sport many women want to be a part of, so, a women’s hockey league was created right here in the Amarillo area.

“The difference between men playing hockey and women playing hockey is, men have the brute strength but women have the finesse.”

The Bender’s Hockey Club wanted to have a team for women who were trying to find their place in the sport.

“Our girls don’t really have anywhere to play. They can play on the co-ed teams but, once it gets to high school, they don’t have the same opportunities that our boys do here. Ambria Allen (Treasurer of Bender’s Hockey Club) said. “A lot of us are moms that learned how to play because our kids are playing so, we wanted to come have fun and kind of hang out with our kids.”

With the Amarillo Wranglers coming into town, the Bender’s women’s league is trying to stay alive, looking for more women to join so they can prove that they are worthy of a chance too.

“We need at least 12 to 13 women. It’s a very beginners league that we are trying to play in, it’s all female. If we can get enough women to come and play in that tournament, it would just be a good opportunity for us to showcase what we have here and what is possible for our young ladies coming up because, they deserve to have a chance just as everyone else does.”

The team has even produced some worthy talent. Sending a player to Florida where she will play for the Florida Alliance. Katy Allen says the Bender’s Club helped her gain confidence to achieve this goal.

“It motivated me to become a better player than I was put as because, when I was younger because I was a girl, they just put me down because I wasn’t like the boys but, when I came this year to play with all of these guys it gave me more confidence and everyone supported me with all of my decisions.”

“Hockey here in the Texas Panhandle is a true family, we rely on each other because there‘s not a lot of us. We’re pretty unique. Trying to keep this tradition alive.”

With not a lot of options to go elsewhere, the women are working hard to make sure they don’t have to hang their skates up.

If you’d like to join the team or learn more about the league, you can visit their website at you can even visit their Facebook page @Bendershctx

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