‘We can all do something’: Amarillo Angels launch new program to help foster kids

Updated: May. 5, 2021 at 6:36 AM CDT
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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Amarillo Angels launched the Angels Alliance this week after hitting capacity of foster care children they can support.

Angels Alliance is a committed group of donors that make a reoccurring donation each month to support Amarillo Angels.

“Right now, we’re at capacity. Our case management team is at capacity,” said Gwen Hicks, Amarillo Angel’s executive director. “So to be able to serve more children and youth and families, we will probably need to hire another case manager in a little bit. That costs money.”

Reoccurring donations could allow Amarillo Angels to take more foster care families under their care.

“Last year there were 2,827 children in the foster care system in our area,” explained Hicks. “If someone gave $10 a month, and we we we’re able to do that for every child in our program, we would be fully funded, and we could continue to serve more and more and more.”

The program allows people to support foster care children without the involvement of being a foster parent or mentor.

“Not everyone is called to foster and adopt, not everyone is called to be a love box leader or a mentor, but we can all do something and this is a way to help financially,” said Hicks. “We believe every child, every youth, should have the opportunity to rise to their highest potential, to reach their dreams. This is a way you can help that happen.”

Donations also pay for school supplies, clothes, diapers, mentoring programs, educational programs, food and any other type of support foster families need.

“These amazing folks in the foster care community need support,” said Hicks. “One way you can volunteer is to give financially. Programs cost money. This is one way that we can know we have this money coming in know we can provide this ongoing support know these families, children and youth will be served on a long-term basis.”

Amarillo Angels say only about half of youth in the foster system graduate high school, but when they are supported on a long term basis, that number increases significantly.

Therefore they say every donation, regardless of the amount, has a long lasting impact.

”This weekend 16 of our youth were given a $500 gift card,” Hicks explains. “They were able to go and purchase anything they needed for the next part of their journey, like bedding and pots and pans. There was a young man that came up to them at the end of the shopping experience. He said to me that no one’s ever done anything like this for [him] before. He said he’s in a local emergency shelter and now, in a few months, he’ll [be at] Oklahoma University.”

Those who wish to join the program can do so online.

This weekend, Amarillo Angels supported 16 amazing youth who are defying the statistics and graduating from high school...

Posted by Amarillo Angels on Monday, May 3, 2021

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