Business for Amarillo event venues booming, making up for many lost parties from 2020

Here’s how the 2020 graduates who are celebrating this year are playing a part in keeping venues busy.

VIDEO: Business booming for Amarillo event venues

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Business is booming for Amarillo event venues this year with many people making up for the parties that were cancelled last year.

Some 2020 graduates have the chance to walk with the 2021 graduates this year. So, the demand for graduation parties has increased, causing many venues in the area to be completely booked through the summer.

“Graduation, gosh, I think that started, I think I had maybe two last weekend and I mean I’m booked up until I want to say July for just graduations. Just what ever date they can get they’re grabbing even if its late in the summer, they’re wanting to do all of those things because you’re right, so many graduates didn’t get to walk stage last year that they’re all kind of combining parties now to make sure everybody gets one of those,” said Monica Zuniga, owner of The Party Suite of Amarillo.

Zuniga says she has had to turn some people away recently, as last year’s and this year’s grads have been booking parties with her since last November.

“Things are picking up tremendously. People are booking as well as those that had to reschedule are getting to have their events, their weddings, their Quinceanera’s, their graduation parties. So, many disappointed seniors last year who had it. It was their hope and their dream that they were going to play on the 2020, and it just didn’t happen for them,” said Keith Grays, owner of In This Moment Parties and Events in Amarillo.

Grays says even weekday events have started to pick up.

“We normally don’t see a lot of this until weekends but to see the weekdays starting to pick up, and people booking for different office events, it’s a God deal,” said Grays.

Many party vendors like florists, cake decorators and photographers are now seeing an increase in business as well.

“I’ve had trouble booking photographers, that’s a good thing, if you out there and you want to learn a skill, learn to be a photographer, a good photographer, a videographer, videographers are much in demand right now. The balloon companies, they are picking up,” said Grays.

The high demand is making up for what they lost out on last year.

“You know, last year was a complete mess I had just taken over the business so going into it and then having to shut down, I was kind of devastated. I was able to reopen and now people are just, you know, ready they want to do their kids parties, they want to make up for what they didn’t get to do last year. Family gatherings, it seems like anything they can gather for their wanting to gather for. So, it’s definitely making up for last year,” said Zuniga.

Event Venue Business owners in Amarillo say there’s more flexibility if wanting to book an event during the weekdays but still suggest booking events well in advance this summer.

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