Gracie’s Project struggling to care for 180 animals in the shelter

Here are a few ways you can help them.

VIDEO: Gracie's Project in need of pet fosters as they are at capacity

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - For the first time ever, Gracie’s Project has had to refuse dogs and cats because the shelter is at capacity with the highest number of animals they’ve ever held.

The shelter is holding around 180 cats and dogs.

They are unable to care for any more and need these animals adopted or fostered immediately in order to keep them alive.

“What has happened over these past couple of weeks, we have had an influx of animals that have been hurt, have needed our help, on the euthanasia list from some pounds in our area. So, we have taken them in, we’ve gotten some in boarding, we’ve gotten some fosters, you know, but without help from fostering or monetary donations, we had to close our intake, we are completely busting at the seams,” said Stacia Merriett, adoption specialist board member for Gracie’s Project.

The shelter is so full that they have had to double up big dogs together in one kennel.

They’ve also had to put four small dogs together in order to free up kennels for other animals.

There are four dogs in a local pound that need a rescue soon, or else they will be euthanized.

“There’s a pound in our community that has several dogs and you know what pounds do is they keep them for so long and when their deadline gets close, they have no choice because they’re full as well, that they have to euthanize those animals. So, we have four that we were still trying to find a safe place for. We were able to help a couple get in boarding this week but without sponsors, without sponsoring, you know, we’re at a loss that we can’t do anything, you know, we just feel like our hands are tied unfortunately,” said Merriett.

Most of the animals that they are caring for right now have been either injured or abandoned.

“We’ve closed the intake due to the influx of animals being, you know, abandoned, hurt from the euthanasia list at certain pounds around our area. Always remember, fostering is free, just the love that you can give them is all that we ask for you to contribute in that aspect,” said Merriett.

Click here for an application to adopt.

You can make a monetary donation here.

To find out how to foster a pet through Gracie’s Project, you can find their application here.

You can also contact Gracie’s Project through their Facebook page.

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