Borger using notification system to better relay community information to residents

How the city is working to improve the system.

VIDEO: Borger using new notification system for residents

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - The City of Borger can now better relay emergency and non-emergency community information to residents.

Everbridge was originally introduced at the start of the pandemic, mainly providing residents with COVID-19 related updates.

“A notification system is needed. We need to be able to reach the people and have a good avenue for that,” said Jason Pender, fire marshal for City of Borger.

Now the city is adding other options, like weather alerts and road closures, to help keep the community informed about issues that may come up.

“This is a notification system for citizens and people passing through. The City of Borger is using it and as well as Hutchinson County. So, it’s not just for the city of Borger. That information could be emergency messages that we need to push out or also just for community events or normal road closures, just something like that, that’s not necessarily emergency’s but you know, we still want the people to be notified,” said Pender.

The City of Amarillo uses the same system (Everbridge) and it is called Amarillo Alerts.

“It is a system used by about 9,000 cities in the United States. The FBI uses it and it’s a very renowned system and it’s the same one we use. We may use ours differently, we may send our different notifications, have different stipulations for what we send out, but it’s just all within the same network,” said Marisa Montoya, communications manager for city of Borger.

There are just under 4,000 people using the Everbridge alerts in Hutchinson County.

“The main focus of this is trying to get the majority of the citizens notified. Those events could be, you know, large road closures that might be closed for a while, and storms coming in. When we test the outdoor warning sirens, that’s something that somebody is going to hear. Just let them know hey this is going to happen,” said Pender.

When you sign up you have the option to choose what type of alerts you want to get.

Although the options are currently limited, the city is working to add more options based on the community’s feedback.

“We will decide how we will categorize that based on the community surveys and how citizens tell us they want their information received, how they want to be notified, and what they want to be notified about,” said Montoya.

Click here to sign up for the Everbridge alerts in Hutchinson County.

You can download the app from there and decide what notifications you want to receive.

You can sign up for Amarillo Alerts here.

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