Randall and Potter County early voting has closed, turnout surpassed general elections

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Randall and Potter County, Texas (KFDA) - Tuesday was the last day of early voting and the turnout was strong.

“We’re expecting to exceed the voter turnout from 2019,” Melynn Huntley, Potter County Elections Administration.

In Potter county, more than 4,000 votes have been cast, surpassing early voting during 2019 municipal elections by 40 percent.

“There’s no such thing as a typical election,” Shannon Lackey, Randall County Elections Administrator.

In Randall county 3,000 more people voted early this time compared to two years ago.

According to Potter county’s election administrator part of what’s driving the turnout is the growing trend of early voting, while another factor pushing these numbers is the intense mayoral race.

“From an anecdotal stand point, we had a lot of voters coming in because they wanted to vote on the city’s races,” said Huntley.

“The candidates have done a fantastic job of campaigning,” said Lackey.

Another increase has also been reported in absentee ballots as more voters become comfortable with voting by mail.

“We have mailed out over 2,000 mail in ballots for this election and we’ve gotten over 1,500 of them back already,” said Lakcey. “They must be back by election day, and if someone doesn’t think they have time to put it in the mail, they can walk the ballot in into the early voting clerk on election day only.”

If you haven’t cast your vote, you can do so on election day this Saturday, May 1 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Remember that you can not vote in the Santa Fe building and that election apparel is not allowed.

“If you are wearing something like this is to make a statement. your statement is made by casting your ballot,” said Lackey.

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