Pantex introduces a new paid apprentice program

VIDEO: Pantex introduces a new paid apprentice program

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Consolidated Nuclear Security and the Metal Trades Council signed and submitted paperwork to the U.S. Department of Labor for a new apprenticeship program at Pantex.

“We seek to hire the best talent available to provide career-enhancing assignments that improve our site,” said Pantex Site Manager Todd Ailes. “The apprenticeship program will serve Pantex and job seekers by training workers for jobs with promising futures.”

Apprentices are full-time, paid employees will earn while they learn.

“The new program’s implementation will improve community involvement and help us prepare for the future,” said David McCown, Pantex infrastructure manager. “Pantex is a unique place to work. The program will allow us to recruit and train specifically for the support we provide to operations.”

Pantex will first accept pipefitter apprentices with plans to expand the sheet metal workers, boilmakers, and toolmakers in the future.

Apprentice training will take place on - and off site.

Once the apprentices fully complete their apprenticeship, which makes approximately four years, they are employed as journey-level craftsmen.

They are paid on a sliding scale according to their training and experience until they obtain journeyman status.

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