GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shares story of family impacted by a recent fire

VIDEO: GOOD NEWS: Doppler Dave shares story of family impacted by a recent fire

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A family is counting blessings today after being impacted by a recent fire.

The event could have been devastating had it not been for the actions of some people still not known to the family.

Ann and Tommy Wright lived east of Amarillo out in the country, a few weeks ago during one evening, all chaos broke loose.

Ann described the urgency of a knocking on their door from someone they didn’t know.

“One evening, not quite dark, our doorbell was ringing frantically, and there was a knock on the door. And it said come to the door now, I need your attention. And a lady said your truck and shed are on fire,” said Ann.

With one truck on fire, flames were in danger of spreading quickly to two RVs, a carport, and possibly their home.

Tommy described that the flames in the truck were intense and as they attempted to put the fire out, they received another visit.

“There was another family that came in while I’m trying to work with the water hose and screams I’m calling the fire department,” said Tommy.

The fire department quickly doused the fire, but the Wright’s are convinced they would have lost much more had it not been for the Samaritans that alerted them.

“She saved not only our truck, our RV’s, our garage and two more vehicles, and they never caught fire? They never caught fire because of the samaritans that were here to help us,” said Ann.

The Wright’s still do not know who stopped in to help them.

“We run out here to the back, but we never knew who was there. whoever you are, thank you. You are our good samaritan, You came to our aid. The other family that came in and said they were calling the fire department, thank you. You were here to help us, you were here to save not only our property but others, and whoever you are, thank you, and we would love to know who you are,” said the Wright family.

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