The Bullhorn, featuring defenseman Ethan Green

Green is playing in his last eligible season in the NAHL

VIDEO: The Bullhorn, featuring defenseman Ethan Green

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - This week’s episode of The Bullhorn featured defenseman Ethan Green from Edmonton, Alberta, CN. In his first season with the Bulls, Green has tallied 7 assists and 1 goal in 26 games played.

“I’m from Edmonton, Alberta, the western part of Canada. I started playing hockey when I was three-years-old, so I got at it pretty young. That’s the way the Canadians start, so got at it pretty young,” said Green.

He brings veteran leadership to the Amarillo team, having played for the AJHL’s Whitecourt Wolverines from 2018-2020. In Canada, hockey struggled to return to the ice, so Green made a decision to come to Amarillo and play for Head Coach Rocky Russo.

“He’s a puck moving defenseman. He’s got puck moving instincts,” said Russo. “Shoots the puck really well. He’s poised. He’s patient. He doesn’t panic with the puck. He’s got great character and he’s got an outgoing personality, but from a hockey perspective he’s a junior hockey veteran. He came to us from Whitecourt in the Alberta Junior Hockey League.

Green guides players on the ice as needed, but he prefers to keep things fun. Off the ice he’ll entertain Head Coach Russo about things other than hockey, which he said is refreshing to have from a player.

“It’s a stressful game as it is. I try to keep it calm and relaxed in the dressing room and on the ice. Try to have fun with it. It’s a game right, so always trying to have fun. I try to remind the guys just relax and just go play the game you love.”

Green loves hockey, and understands that trust is a huge part of the game. He has a strong bond with all the goalies on the roster.

“Just having a connection with the defense and the goalies I think to have that connection is huge,” said Green. “They’re great guys.”

Over the weekend against the Lone Star Brahmas on Saturday, April 10 the Bulls earned enough points to secure an NAHL playoff berth. A tough feat, becoming the third South Division team to qualify and advance.

“The Amarillo teams in the past have been really dominant and really good making the playoffs and going far,” said Green. “Hopefully we can do the same thing.”

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