GOOD NEWS: Meteorologist Cameron Venable embarks on a new career journey

VIDEO: GOOD NEWS: Meteorologist Cameron Venable embarks on a new career journey

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - Newschannel 10 has a send-off for one of our team members who is embarking on a new journey career.

Cameron Venable joined the First Alert weather team a little more than five years ago, and quickly embraced our crazy weather.

Right after Cameron started here, I got a call late in the evening that there’s a little bit of snow that had moved in, and he was all animated saying have you seen this is snowing.

I’ve been outside there’s snowflakes and I was going like, yeah Cameron’s couple snowflakes out there, but I loved his enthusiasm, and I knew he was excitement for the job.

“It was right when I got here, I mean, being from Southern California it would never rain or there be thunderstorms or anything like that, Within the first couple days we had thunderstorms and lightning and I was just estatic,” said Cameron.

As Cameron polished his skills on TV, he also fell in love with our stormy weather patterns.

Cameron was always outside checking the weather, and he had these handheld lightning detectors, and it became apparent to me very quickly that if I was going to keep him around for very long, I was gonna have to get him inside and out of the lightning.

“Lightning Yeah, it is more or less an obsession is what it really is, you would always called me CG it stands for cloud to ground lightning, when I was a kid, lightning, like most people scared me. Actually a lot, lightning and thunder were terrifying, and a lot of times, the best way to understand a fear is to learn about it. You know me, get a close cloud to ground with a lightning strike and it’s a party,” said Cameron.

Cameron will soon be wrapping up his time in Amarillo and move on, but his time here and of course our weather will always occupy a place in his heart.

“This was actually my first broadcast job right out of college, so that’s always going to be a special place in my heart, but just working with you, Dave. A legend in the Panhandle learning from someone like yourself and working with Allan, very well known storm chaser great meteorologists, it’s been a blast being here,” said Cameron.

Cameron will broadcast his final weather cast on Newschannel 10 this weekend, and then hit the hot and dusty for his next adventure.

“It’s pretty good market jump to Wichita and it’s the sixth largest severe weather market. On top of that, I’m going to be one of the primary storm chasers, chasing most of Kansas three quarters of Kansas. Now in the Panhandle We average about 20 tornadoes per year if you look at Kansas, it’s about 80 to 90. And what’s surprising is since I’ve been here I really haven’t seen very many tornadoes. I’ve seen about 18 and about 12 of those came from driving up to Dodge City,” said Cameron.

So, another young meteorologist graduates from the first alert team and heads on it to do great things and up the career path.

We’ll miss him here, but that’s some good news.

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